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Reach more screamers than ever before.

Over 90% of Haunt Owners who pay to advertise wind up renewing. Our website traffic has grown an incredible 520% since 2012. Over 4 MILLION haunt seekers used our network of sites to find Haunted Attractions in 2018. We work with hundreds of Haunt Attraction Owners across 38 states to help them sell more tickets. is run by Haunted House Media, who has owned & operated Local and National Haunted Attraction Directory Sites and Social Media Networks since 2004.

With over a decade of experience running dozens of high-traffic, high-ranking local & national directory sites and popular social media pages, and experience working with hundreds of haunt owners each season, our team unique insight into what works well when it comes to online marketing for haunted attractions.

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Our priority is your haunt’s year-over-year growth.

From getting you set up with the basics – a unique, high-quality logo for your haunt and setting up your website to be user-friendly, and easy to navigate on mobile devices, to helping you bring your website to the next level by creating interesting, optimized content, and revamping your SEO, Halloween Media makes the process of setting up a high-quality, optimized website simple for haunt owners, so that you can stay focused on what you do best – creating an amazing experience for Haunt Goers.



Our Team

Meet Halloween Media’s Expert Team.



Founder & CEO

As a web developer Ralph launched his first local haunt website in 2006 for fun and now  14 years later expanded to individual local Haunt Guides in each of the 50 states. 



Contracted Sales

With decades of experience in sales, Gene is a pro at helping haunts find the perfect advertising solutions no matter their size or budget.



Content & Social Media

Chelsea works with our customers directly on social media & content marketing.




Jason is a full stack developer with extensive experience in many technologies including but not limited to .NET, Django, WordPress, SQL Server, MYSQL, etc.



Social Media & Content

Responsible for social media & content strategies as well public relations including buzz and press related materials.



Accounting / Bookkeeper

Responsible for the bookkeeping.


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